The vision

Imagine living every day like it is a holiday. In a sustainable Tiny house near the beach, working without any interruptions and distractions (except for the sounds of the ocean). And meeting inspiring people while living completely self-sufficient.

Basecamp Eco-resorts is realizing this dream. And you are invited to join. As our guest, or as an investor. Owning your own Tiny house with an amazing return on investment.

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The goal

Our goal is to develop a global network of Eco-resorts and remote Work Hubs. To be a year-round destination for environmentally conscious tourists, digital nomads, and start-ups.

We offer a unique opportunity to become the owner of a Tiny house at Basecamp Eco resorts; small-scale parks with a limited number of tiny houses, located directly on the breathtaking A+ locations.

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Why our investorslove basecamp

What our guests say about Basecamp

Annemarie & Jelle

“It’s just really nice to receive a monthly return, and in the shared calendar we can see when our Tiny will be rented out in the future, which works like a charm.”


“The fact that you have something tangible and which also provides a fantastic return on investment is so much more likable than putting your money in some sort of hedge fund.”


“I bought the Tiny House to invest my money in the long term, but at the same time I don’t just want to invest, I want to do something for the world with it. Something meaningful, with impact.”

Jan & Joke

“I’ve had this idea for quite a while now… I wanted a place for our Family. A place where we could all gather and create happy memories every year. A shared place in IJmuiden.”

Basecamp Eco-resorts is expanding

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