Episode 3. Island of the gods

Basecamp is expanding to new territories! In the coming years, Basecamp will develop and regenerate new resorts in Tanzania, Sardinia, Bali, and Vietnam. The end goal is to develop 20 completely self-sufficient and regenerative eco-resorts at the most beautiful locations in the world; A global challenge, in a rapidly changing world. 

How will we reach this goal? And what positive impact will we make along the way? Find out and follow our weekly blog/vlog series ‘Building Basecamp’

Two and half years ago, the Basecamp team set out to develop a self-sufficient resort in the Dutch beach city of IJmuiden. What seemed impossible at first, soon became reality, as a desolate parking lot was transformed into a popular resort. Not long after the first year of operations, plans were drafted to expand globally and develop 20 Eco-Resorts. A mission that requires us to search and scout continuously for the most beautiful locations in the world.

In our search, guests and investors mentioned the Indonesian island of Bali frequently. And as chance would have it, we were offered a 10-hectare site on the outskirts of the town of Ubud. Situated amongst the many rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency, Ubud is well-known as the islands arts and culture center and is home to many digital nomads, yogis, and creative artisans.

Bali has been described throughout the ages as The island of the gods’, whose energy (or so it is claimed) can be felt throughout the islands many spiritual sites. The countless Hindu temples and Balinese palaces pay testimony to this claim, which stands in sharp contrast to the lush green paddy fields that often stretch as far as the eye can see.

The potential Basecamp site, under the watchful gaze of Mt. Ganung Agung was brought to our attention by development partner Studio Sluijzer. Finding a location that meets Basecamps requirements is quite rare, so the decision was made to visit Ubud and present Basecamps vision to the landowners; the Ubud royal family. Going into detail would be a bit presumptuous, but their reaction to our plans was very positive and forthcoming. A good start to what hopefully will become a joint venture soon.

If you have ever visited Ubud, you will know that walking through its streets is quite the experience. Wherever you might wander, the sweet smell of incense wafts through the air, filling the streets with the scent of sandalwood and jasmine blossoms. Chirping birds fill the air with melodic tunes while bustling markets boast endless rows of flavourful dishes and unique crafts. Everywhere you look there is something to marvel at, from ornate architecture to the many boutique jewellery shops and vibrant art pieces on display. Ubuds streets are a magical place full of life that will leave you in awe. It has something for everyone, and its unique combination of culture, adventure, and relaxation will leave every visitor with lasting memories. In short: The perfect town to visit (from a nearby Basecamp).

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