Which investment suits you best?


Green environment, within biking distance to the city. ONLY A FEW TINY HOUSES LEFT!


Investment fund with an fixed return and flexible use of multiple holiday homes and resorts.


A second home with stunning view of the Indian ocean.

Annemarie & Jelle

“It’s just really nice to receive a monthly return, and in the shared calendar we can see when our Tiny will be rented out in the future, which works like a charm.”


“The fact that you have something tangible and which also provides a fantastic return on investment is so much more likable than putting your money in some sort of hedge fund.”


“I bought the Tiny House to invest my money in the long term, but at the same time I don’t just want to invest, I want to do something for the world with it. Something meaningful, with impact.”

Jan & Joke

“I’ve had this idea for quite a while now… I wanted a place for our Family. A place where we could all gather and create happy memories every year. A shared place in IJmuiden.”

Why invest in Basecamp?

  • Small-scale resorts near the beach or surrounded by nature
  • 75% of the net rental income is for the tiny house owner
  • Flexible rights for personal use
  • Basecamp will take care of all bookings, maintenance, cleaning and more...
  • Transferrable at any time. Basecamp will assist with the sale of your tiny house if requested
  • Invest in a sustainable mission
  • Become part of our inspiring community of owners: Exchange ideas or join Basecamp events and make friends for life
  • For some locations, you even own a share of the entire resort connected to a holiday home

What are the advantages of investing in a holiday home?

Buying a holiday home is a big decision, however it offers several advantages. To help you make an informed decision, we listed some benefits and considerations.

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Average financial return

We like to keep it simple. There is a rental income, and we share a 75% split for you as owner. The financial return per home is highly dependable on the type of holiday home and resort, and naturally, on how much time you plan to use it for your own holiday. At our first resort that was opened in 2019, Basecamp IJmuiden, over 10.000 guests are received annually and house owners received an average return on investment of 13% last year.

Expected costs

Basecamp takes care of all resort facilities, small home maintenance, marketing, guest communication, cleaning, administration, and much more. To make this happen, we retain 25% rental commission and depending on the resort there will be fixed annual costs for plot rental and technical services. Other than that, it is strongly recommended to arrange a good insurance coverage for any damage to your own home. Basecamp is happy to advice and in most cases you can benefit from collective deals.

The Basecamp team

Basecamp is run by a small team, each with their own expertise in the field of investing, hospitality and sustainability. Together we strongly believe in our sustainable mission, and we believe a personal approach is important. The resort will feel like your second home and the Basecamp community like a new family! Discover it for yourself and meet us in person. We are happy to welcome you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the fact that renting a holiday home can provide an attractive return, it also has a number of advantages as an investment compared to other forms of investing. We have listed a number of advantages here.

Furthermore, at Basecamp you have a number of specific advantages, such as:

  • Flexible conditions for personal use
  • A quiet place on a small-scale resort with green surroundings
  • No need to worry about customer contact, bookings, maintenance, technical problems, etc. Basecamp takes care of all of this!
  • You are not committed to anything. Your holiday home can be transferred at any time.
  • Invest in a sustainable mission

The purchase price of a holiday home at Basecamp varies per resort and type of house, but are usually available from €160,000.
Too much above your budget? Maybe the investment fund, the owners club, is something for you! You can participate from €100,000 and you make use of several holiday homes and resorts.

Other than that, you should take the following costs into account (the amount varies per resort and type of house):

  • 25% rental commission of the rental proceeds goes to Basecamp. We take care of matters such as managing and maintaining the resort, promotion, customer contact, check-ins, administration and cleaning.
  • Plot rental & park management: €3,000 – €6,000 per year
  • Service Contract Technical service: €300 – €1,200 per year. To this end, we ensure that minor technical problems (such as a blocked drain) or the loss of small inventory are resolved immediately and do not block the rental.
  • We strongly recommend insurance coverage for any damage to your own home, and considering insurance for liability and disasters. In some cases a collective discount is available.

The financial return depends on many factors and varies per type of holiday home. Of course, it also depends on how much use you want to make of your holiday home.

However, we always calculate the estimated return in % for each type of holiday home. Request the brochure of the resort you are interested in to view the calculations.

To give you an idea, our first resort opened in 2019, Basecamp Ijmuiden, hosts more than 10,000 guests annually and homeowners received an average return of 13% last year.

Would you rather be assured of a fixed return? Then the owners club investment fund might be something for you!

At the end of each calendar month you will receive an overview of the rental income from your holiday home in the previous month. The net proceeds will be transferred to you within 14 days after provision of that overview.

  • Low season: You can use your holiday home as much as you want or you are free to rent it out to a long-stay tenant.
  • Mid-season: Unlimited overnight stays but last-minute booking
  • High season: Maximum stay of 10 days. Usually this only concerns the school holidays that are important for the resort.

We do not charge a nightly rate for personal use. However, the usage costs for water, electricity, WiFi, linen and cleaning will be charged (as for every user). It is possible, upon consultation, to take care of the linen and cleaning yourself.

We would of course be happy if you will advertise Basecamp and your holiday home. However, all bookings will be processed via Basecamp’s central booking system. Basecamp’s current prices always apply, but guests referred by the owner receive a 5-10% discount (varies by resort). You will receive a discount code that you can share yourself.

During the low season it is also possible to rent out your house for a long stay and to refer someone. If you are interested, please contact us well before the low season starts so that we could block the dates in our booking system in time.

Basecamp’s mission is to develop 20 eco-resorts in the most beautiful places in the world. Find the latest overview of all (future) eco-resorts here. Your investment will be used to enable the further development of new sustainable resorts, improve existing facilities, and continue to innovate in the field of sustainability and self-sufficient resorts.

Sustainability is at the core of Basecamp Eco-Resorts and as a team we strongly believe that a resort should be able to run successfully both commercially and with a tiny footprint. We integrate green energy sources, work with progressive suppliers, work to restore damaged ecosystems, and continue to develop in this area. As an investor, you not only help us financially in this sustainable development, but if desired, you are involved in the mission by exchanging knowledge and ideas with the community.

Want to learn more? Read all about our sustainability approach here.

No, rental is also possible as a private owner. You can apply for a VAT number and will then be registered as an entrepreneur without Chamber of Commerce registration. This way you can file VAT returns correctly and in many cases receive a refund of the 21% VAT on the purchase price of your holiday home.

Since personal tax situations may differ, in some cases it may be interesting to register your house for business purposes and we always recommend consulting with an accountant or tax specialist.