1. Why keep your savings in the bank with zero or negative returns, when you can make it work for you to earn money?

2. Get monthly payouts of the rental income, and enjoy a source of passive income.

3. Pay less taxes: VAT can be reclaimed and the income is nearly tax free. (box 3 investment)

4. You buy a tangible object, which you can enjoy yourself. Way better than stocks, right?

5. Because you believe in our mission, and through your investment you inspire people to live more sustainably.

  • We develope small-scale parks, so no mass tourism where you get lost or become a number. We love to keep a personal touch. For our guests, and for you as an owner.
  • Our mission is to operate sustainably, in all aspects. This also means that we aim for a sustainable relationship with you as an owner. You won't find hidden aspects in our contracts or unpleasant financial surprises, which the large parks are famous for.
  • Did you know that at almost all other parks, your rental lot can be cancelled without reason and within 3 months? We choose for a sustainable collaboration instead, and dare to commit to it.
  • If you want to sell your tiny house, you can do so at any time. We do ask that you give us the first right to buy, but you determine the price yourself.
  • We have the most flexible terms for personal use of your house. Even if you buy with a fixed & guaranteed return, you can still enjoy your Tiny House for personal holidays.
  • We are the only park that doesn’t bother you with the extra costs for electricity, water, wifi, and other user costs. We bill that to the users. Therefore, your yearly costs stay low and transparent.
  • When you use your Tiny House yourself, you only pay for the user costs. You can even choose to do the cleaning yourself and bring your own linen, to save on those costs. if you want us to do the cleaning, then you pay the standard cleaning costs.
  • When you choose for Basecamp, you choose to join our mission to leave the world a better place.