Basecamp offers the unique opportunity to own a tiny house at one of our eco-resorts around the world. Holiday homes have proved to provide a safe and very attractive return on investment. This in combination with a place where you feel at home, can enjoy your holidays and invest in a sustainable mission, sounds good right?

We do want you to make a well-informed decision before we welcome you at our tribe, so on this page we will tell you all about what investing in a holiday home means, how much costs and financial return is expected and how investing at Basecamp works.


Great alternative for savings and stock investment

Investing in a holiday home shows to be a good alternative if you are looking to invest money in a profitable way. While savings on the bank still provide very little returns, a holiday home can provide a safe and attractive return on investment. At Basecamp you will enjoy monthly pay-outs of the rental income, which is likely to grow much faster than your current savings account. Other than that, you will be the owner of a tiny house which you can sell at any time. Given the popularity that has grown over the years, buying a tiny house in particular has much potential to recoup your investment, probably with a nice added value.

Invest in something tangible

Other than stocks, you buy a tangible object which you can enjoy yourself. Buying and maintaining a holiday home on private property can take much time and it is not always easy to arrange things from a distance. If you own a tiny house at Basecamp, we will take care of all bookings and maintenance for you, while you are welcome to enjoy your home and invite family and friends.

Favourable taxes

From a tax point of view, you buy shares. When you are able to buy the tiny house as a private person, the property will be in box 3, meaning that proceeds are not taxed as wages or profit. In some situations, the 21% VAT for buying the tiny house can also be reclaimed. Given a personal tax situation can differ, we do advise to obtain further information for your specific situation from your own accountant or tax specialist.

Why invest in a holiday homeat Basecamp eco-resorts?

  • Small-scale resorts near the beach or surrounded by nature
  • 75% of the net rental income is for the tiny house owner
  • Flexible rights for personal use
  • Basecamp will take care of all bookings, maintenance, and more...
  • Transferrable at any time. Basecamp will assist with the sale of your tiny house if requested
  • Invest in a sustainable mission: Basecamp aims to operate sustainable and to leave a tiny footprint
  • Become part of our inspiring community of owners: Exchange ideas or join Basecamp events and make friends for life
  • For some locations, you even own a share of the entire resort connected to a holiday home


Average financial return at Basecamp

We like to keep it simple. There is a rental income, and we share a 75% split for you as owner. The financial return per home is highly dependable on the type of holiday home and resort, and naturally, on how much time you plan to use it for your own holiday. At our first resort that was opened in 2019, Basecamp Amsterdam Beach, over 10.000 guests are received annually and house owners received an average return on investment of 13% last year.

Expected costs

Basecamp takes care of all resort facilities, small home maintenance, marketing, guest communication, cleaning, administration, and much more. To make this happen, we retain 25% rental commission and depending on the resort there will be fixed annual costs for plot rental and technical services. Other than that, it is strongly recommended to arrange a good insurance coverage for any damage to your own home. Basecamp is happy to advice and in most cases you can benefit from collective deals.


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