Key benefits


Investing in a holiday home shows to be a good alternative if you are looking to invest money in a profitable way. While savings on the bank still provide very little returns, a holiday home can provide a safe and attractive return on investment. At Basecamp you will enjoy monthly pay-outs of the rental income, which is likely to grow much faster than your current savings account. Other than that, you will be the owner of a tiny house which you can sell at any time. Given the popularity that has grown over the years, buying a tiny house in particular has much potential to recoup your investment, probably with a nice added value.


Other than stocks, you buy a tangible object which you can enjoy yourself. Buying and maintaining a holiday home on private property can take much time and it is not always easy to arrange things from a distance. If you own a tiny house at Basecamp, we will take care of all bookings and maintenance for you, while you are welcome to enjoy your home and invite family and friends.


From a tax point of view, you buy shares. When you are able to buy the tiny house as a private person, the property will be in box 3, meaning that proceeds are not taxed as wages or profit. In some situations, the 21% VAT for buying the tiny house can also be reclaimed. Given a personal tax situation can differ, we do advise to obtain further information for your specific situation from your own accountant or tax specialist.

About investing in Basecamp

What should you take into account when investing in a holiday home?

Factors that influences financial returns

  • Location: Are you planning to use your holiday home a lot? Then it is of course important that you choose a place where you feel at home. Are you going for returns? Then the location plays a role and you prefer to choose a place that is popular with tourists. Basecamp therefore always chooses unique locations at popular holiday destinations.
  • Own use: The more you rent out, the higher your return.
  • The condition and maintenance of your holiday home: A new home often requires less maintenance than an old and poorly maintained house. Basecamp eco-resorts has only been around for a few years and has had new tiny houses and holiday villas built, completely sustainable and therefore energy efficient. Read more about our suppliers and sustainability of our tiny houses here. As Basecamp, we take care of small maintenance within a Service Contract that every owner purchases from us, but we advise that as an owner, you ensure good maintenance and cleaning of the outside, the terrace and the roof. Together we ensure that the quality is top notch at all times, and the houses are maintained as well as possible to prevent additional costs for damage.

Rental income can fluctuate

The rental of a holiday home is in many cases seasonal. At our resorts in the Netherlands, the school holidays are the most popular, and we therefore have a limit on the number of days of personal use during these holidays. However, our experience is that holidays at the beach or in nature have only become more popular since the pandemic, and we also see an upward trend in the winter months. In addition, Basecamp has specialists in the field of correct pricing that responds to demand and weather conditions.

Start-up capital

Start-up capital is usually required to purchase the holiday home. Buying a holiday home is therefore not available to everyone.

Basecamp offers the unique opportunity to participate in an investment fund from €100,000, where you can also use multiple holiday homes at different resorts! Knowing more?

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