The construction of our resorts and holiday homes


greenhouse in holiday park
Tiny houses netherlands

Holiday homes built from sustainable materials

Each resort consists of a playful mix of tiny houses and holiday homes made from as many sustainable and natural materials as possible. We work together with manufacturers who work from a sustainable mission and who continue to innovate by building the houses in an energy-neutral and sustainable manner, both during manufacture and in use. For example, most holiday homes are gas-free, well insulated, often equipped with solar panels, water-saving measures and we work with SmartGrid for energy storage. 

Together with our partners, we learn more every day about the quality of the materials and environmental solutions. Due to the large variation in applications, we can quickly compare and take steps in further developments. We see Basecamp as a ‘living lab’. No house is the same and every resort contributes to our sustainable experiment.

Our sustainable partners for holiday home manufacturing:

Energy neutral resorts

The aim is to make the resorts as self-sufficient as possible in terms of energy. We ensure that all roofs are equipped with solar panels, linked to a hybrid network where energy surpluses are stored. For example, our event hall in Amsterdam Beach, De Refter, has 140 solar panels of 390 Wp on the roof. In addition, there are plans for a wind farm, and tests have already been carried out with a silent wind turbine.



We encourage our guests to use sustainable transport as much as possible by offering electric means of transport on location. In the Netherlands we work together with e-bike and bicycle supplier, Swapfiets , to make guests aware of the bicycle as an alternative means of transport.