Organic and local


Greenhouse Ijmuiden
Sustainable food at ecoresort

Homegrown food

Basecamp lives in harmony with nature and plans to provide all resorts with greenhouses, food forests and work with a permaculture system. At our flagship resort in Amsterdam Beach a gardening expert grows forgotten vegetables and rare crops in a greenhouse made of recycled horticultural glass. We incorporate the harvest into our menus as much as possible. Are there any vegetables left? At the end of the season we organize a farmers market to sell any remained harvest or we host a no food waste dinner for our guests.


Food waste and garden waste are never thrown away at Basecamp, but are processed into nutritious compost for our gardens and greenhouses. At our eco-resort in Amsterdam Beach, guests even go to the toilet responsibly. The tiny houses are equipped with normal toilets, however there are compost toilets in the common outdoor area to inspire guests. This saves us a lot of water and the collected feces is composted to fertilize the garden.

Composttoiletten vakantiepark

Serving organic and local products

Healthy dishes and drinks made from organic, local and plant-based products are served in our restaurants and the tiny bar. In addition to the harvest from the greenhouses, we work with local suppliers that we like, such as SOOF lemonades , Fruittuin van West , Brasil Coffee , Dille & Kamille tea, Fritz-kola, Ijsbaart and beer breweries Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen, Gulpener and Breugem .