Where your investment works, while you unwind

Have you ever fantasized about owning a diverse collection of holiday homes, each serving as your personal retreat in the world’s most stunning locations? This luxurious prospect may appear exclusive to the fortunate few. However, with the Basecamp Owners Club, turning these dreams into reality is within reach.
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Invest in and enjoy

  • Invest from €100.000
  • Hassle-free: we do all the work for you
  • Guaranteed rental income returns of 8%
  • Spend your holidays in paradise

Join the Basecamp Owners Club with a modest investment starting at €100.000. Unlock the keys to splendid experiences across diverse Basecamp resorts. The Club buys vacation homes for members to enjoy. For holiday and profit. Basecamp rents them, turning your investment into a profitable asset for you. 

We take care of cleaning, bookings, and the rest, so you can relax! Immerse yourself in the joy of choosing your dream getaway while luxuriating in the inspiration of a steady monthly income derived from rental profits.

Why invest in Basecamp

How does it work?

  • Invest from €100.000
  • Option A: Fixed return: 8% per year (without personal use); or
  • Option B: Fixed return: 7% per year + 3% vacation credit per year for own use.
  • Personal use: You can stay in all the holiday homes purchased by the fund.
    • Suppose your deposit is € 200,000, you will thus receive a credit of €6,000 each year which you can spend on vacations in one (or more) Holiday Homes of your choice that are in the portfolio of the Basecamp Owners Club. This credit can be used in any period outside the school holidays.
  • You don't have to worry about maintenance, rentals, marketing, and administration: Basecamp takes care of all rentals, park management, and maintenance. As an Owners Club Member, you have no extra costs for this service.
  • Membership can be for 3 or 5 years. After expiration, you get 100% of your investment back.

Which houses will be owned by the club?

New Basecamp Owners Club members can join at any time. The bigger the Club grows, the bigger the amount of holiday homes in the portfolio, and the greater the selection you can choose from for your holiday!

Expected to be added to the Owners Club in 2024/2025:

  • Amsterdam
  • Tanzania, Mafia Island
  • Sardinia

Later Bali and other future Basecamp locations will be added.


Rick would love to tell you all about it! Feel free to email him all your questions, schedule a video meeting, or meet at one of the Basecamp Resorts.

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Annemarie & Jelle

“It’s just really nice to receive a monthly return, and in the shared calendar we can see when our Tiny will be rented out in the future, which works like a charm.”


“The fact that you have something tangible and which also provides a fantastic return on investment is so much more likable than putting your money in some sort of hedge fund.”


“I bought the Tiny House to invest my money in the long term, but at the same time I don’t just want to invest, I want to do something for the world with it. Something meaningful, with impact.”

Jan & Joke

“I’ve had this idea for quite a while now… I wanted a place for our Family. A place where we could all gather and create happy memories every year. A shared place in IJmuiden.”

Frequently asked questions

Both! Unique to this location is that the homeowners not only become owners of the holiday home of their choice but also become co-owners of the entire park! In Tanzania, registering a home in the local land register represents a heavy administrative burden for every homeowner. That’s why we chose a different model. Each buyer receives a share in the entire resort in proportion to his investment. As a buyer/investor, you are therefore co-owner of all land and buildings of this resort. (More details about this can be explained in a 1-on-1 conversation with our advisors).

Basecamp Tanzania Properties hires Basecamp Tanzania Operations to manage the resort. Operations takes care of the park management, promoting the resort and optimizing occupancy and revenue, customer contact, check -in, manning the reception and conducting the administration, cleaning of the houses and small maintenance.

Basecamp Operations retains a 25% rental commission from the rental income. In addition, Properties pays yearly a fixed fee of €6000 for park management and €250 per bedroom for small maintenance. Lastly, the park is also obliged to arrange for good insurance coverage for all buildings and liability.

Next to the profit coming directly from the rental of the holiday houses, there is more income to expect; Operations rents the restaurant and other facilities from Properties, and pays for that a 10% fee over the revenue generated through the use of these facilities (F&B, meeting rooms, wellness facilities, etc).

Each month you will receive an overview of the rental income of the Tiny Houses from the previous month. An advance over the dividends will be paid out monthly.

You can use your holiday home for an unlimited time in low- and mid season. In high season there is a maximum of 10 nights. We do not charge a nightly rate for personal use. However, the usage costs for water, electricity, WiFi and cleaning will be charged (as with every user).

You can advertise your house, but bookings must be processed through Basecamp’s central booking system. Basecamp’s regular prices always apply, but guests introduced by the owner receive a 10% discount.

Basecamp Operations ensures that you don’t have to worry about daily maintenance of your house.: they fix minor technical problems (such as a clogged drain or a broken lightbulb) are immediately resolved and broken/missing small inventory (such as tableware or bed linen) are immediately replaced and do not prevent the rental of your Tiny House. Repairs and equipment up to €500 are covered under this service. Larger repairs and/or costs are at the expense of the owners of the park, but will always be discussed up front.

From a tax point of view, you buy shares. This is property in box 3 (if you buy as a private person), meaning that the proceeds from this are not taxed as wages or profit, so this is very favorable! Given that everyone’s personal tax situation is different, it is always a good idea to obtain further information from your own accountant/tax specialist.

Yes, that’s possible at any time. Basecamp has a pre-emptive right, so the Owner Certificates must first be offered to Basecamp. As the owner, you can determine the price. If Basecamp indicates that it is not interested, it may be sold to a third party for an equal or higher price.

The Basecamp Team

Basecamp is founded and run by a small team of impact driven entrepreneurs, engineers, sustainability-, hospitality- and travel experts. We are developing our network of Eco-resorts because we strongly believe in our collective mission to show that eco-tourism can be both climate positive and profitable. At Basecamp you will not find men in suits, but CEO’s digging holes and putting cables in the ground. If you contact us, it is us answering the phone. Or better yet, visit Basecamp and meet us personally. We’d love to meet you!

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