Basecamp is expanding to new territories! In the coming years, Basecamp will develop and regenerate two new resorts in Tanzania, two more in Sardinia, and an additional three more in Bonaire, Bali, and Vietnam. The end goal is to develop 20 completely self-sufficient and regenerative eco-resorts at some of the most beautiful locations in the world; A global challenge, in a rapidly changing world. 

Will we reach this goal? And what positive impact will we make along the way? 
Find out and follow our weekly blog/vlog series ‘Building Basecamp’.

After many, many months of intense preparation, dozens of site visits across the globe, tough negotiations, flight delays, long walks through dense jungle, climbing mountains, leeches, a flood, pitches, a flat tire during a nighttime safari, innumerable laughs, the occasional tears, a crashed drone, countless cups of (fairtrade) coffee and more than 33.000 happy Basecamp guests, it’s finally here. The start of our global adventure.

With more than two years leading up to this point, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our team is very excited (and truthfully, a bit anxious also) to receive the reactions of our guests, followers and investors. And rightfully so, because it is not quite your everyday decision to launch a global eco-resort group. A leap of faith? You bet.. But with a great team (and a little bit of extra capital) we are convinced that this dream will become reality.

This brings us to right now. Step one of our journey. The hardest one. Will this be an easy journey? Absolutely not. Will we be able to realize all of our ambitions? Most unlikely. But as the world is rapidly changing, we need new ways of moving forward. Sustainably, and in a way that tourism can help people, develop local economies, and restore ecosystems. A journey worthy to undertake.

This week was all about presenting our plans to the world and getting the funding required to start development. Kind of like making sure your friends and family know where you’ll be heading before a long trip (and making sure your backpack has all the essentials needed for the journey ahead.)

New to Basecamp, or interested in buying a Tiny house? Click here to find out more about our first site in IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

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