Basecamp is expanding to new territories! In the coming years, Basecamp will develop and regenerate new resorts in Tanzania, Sardinia, Bali, and Vietnam. The end goal is to develop 20 completely self-sufficient and regenerative eco-resorts at the most beautiful locations in the world; A global challenge, in a rapidly changing world. 

How will reach this goal? And what positive impact will we make along the way? 
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Winter is coming at Basecamp IJmuiden, and the last days of Autumn were put to good use. Just before the freezing cold set in, the permaculture team was able to plant nearly a hundred apple trees, and we were able to replace two of our Tiny Suites with new Tiny Lofts. These newer models also include a private sauna, making them the perfect winter getaway for a short stay. Book here!

Another highlight of the past week was a surprise visit from the unofficial Basecamp Mascotte’ Mr. Fox’ (or misses?) Mr. Fox is a frequent visitor during the winter days, seen wandering about and scavenging for snacks. A friendly reminder though is to not feed our furry friend and to keep food inside. We know he looks cute, but it’s best if he maintains his distance from humans and hunts for food at ‘Kennemer’-lake.

Speaking of which, If you love making hikes you will have noticed the placement of our second Lakeview ‘ÖÖD House’ next to the lakeside hiking trail. The ÖÖD is one of Basecamp’s highest-rated accommodations and provides its guests with spectacular panoramic views of the nature reserve. The one-way mirrored glass fully immerses the ÖÖD into the environment and prevents passers-by from looking inside. Isn’t she a beauty?

What remains to be done is to connect the ÖÖD and Tiny Lofts to Basecamp’s water-, sanitation- and energy grids. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong when a new Tiny House arrives moments before winter, so it’s a ‘heads-up’ moment for both the construction team and the operations team.

Frozen water pipes, cracked windows, failing heaters, defective boilers… we’ve seen it all. (But luckily it’s nothing we can’t fix). The challenge, however, is to improve continuously and to make our Tiny Houses more sustainable and self-regulating along the way. This mission will be expressed more visibly in the near future, as our technical team is currently researching how to best implement ‘Domotica’ at Basecamp.

For those of you unfamiliar with this (relatively new) technology, domotica can best be described as a home-automation system that is able to monitor and control home attributes such as lighting, climate, and appliances. Implementing domotica in our Tiny Houses will enable us to better monitor energy usage, and to automate processes such as temperature regulation. In the long run, this could potentially save a lot of energy (and money) whilst simultaneously reducing dependency on a fossil-fuelled energy grid.

Want to know more about Basecamp and our sustainability objectives? Click here.

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